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Seema Ali sali at vsb.bc.ca
Sat Mar 22 14:02:38 EDT 2014


I'm hoping someone can help me out. I'm trying to create a different format for the text documents. I am really new to modifying LonCapa Tex documents. I have created a .sty file, but I'm not able to get it to do what I want, partly because I'm not aware of all of the options or fields that I can use. I've looked at a few LonCapa manuals that briefly touched on it but didn't really go into detail and some other sites with similar amounts of details.

Here is a sample of part of my .sty file:
<definetag name="part">
<definetag name="/part">
      <web><br /><font color="#002288"><small><displayweight />pts </small></font></part></web>

I'd like to do the following:
- Have all the questions numbered automatically (it would be nice online too, but the paper one is more improtant.)
   EG/ 1. Determine the value of x, where x+1 = 0.
- The questions would be naturally ordered starting with 1, even if they are randomly selected. I've tried using Exam type problems but the numbering doesn't show up for me and it automatically changes the fill in the blank questions to multiple choice.

- I'd like the option of not displaying the answer boxes in the Tex version, or changing it to a blank line or something
- leaving space after each question, for students to do work.

I realize there is a <definetag name="problem"> tag as well. I'm not sure how to make the numbering of the questions appear in the standard way I'm used to seeing on paper exams.

I'm also trying to compile the .tex file and it is generating a lot of errors. I've installed missing pacakges but it is still not working. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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