[LON-CAPA-users] access to Time Interval parameter?

Mills, Douglas G dmills at illinois.edu
Thu Jan 30 11:01:40 EST 2014

HI All,

First off, I’ve lost track — is there now a countdown timer available for display to students in Lon-Capa for timed quizzes and such? I recall hearing talk of one but am not seeing it at this point. Still coming?

Secondly then, if this is not yet built in, I implemented a count-down timer a couple years ago in JavaScript which seems to work well but at this point requires that the instructor set a variable to match the time limit set in the parameters for the quiz. One more thing for the instructor to do, and in the case where a given group of students have permission for extended access to the quiz, this requires as set up that there be a second instance of the quiz so that the length of time variable can be set to match the extended amount of time for those students. How sweet it would be if there were a way to access the value of the parameter set in Lon-Capa so that the JavaScript timer automatically matched the time limit set there.  I’m not seeing it in the list I always work from at


but I’m not assuming that that means it doesn’t exist. Does this variable exist in such a way that it can be accessed via an EXT() function or something?  Thanks!


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