[LON-CAPA-users] omit message for option response

Stefan Bisitz st.bisitz at ostfalia.de
Tue Feb 11 10:06:25 EST 2014

Hi again,

With respect to Gerd's comments - I assumed you meant the "checkbox 
mode" of optionresponse. There are - of course ;-) - always several 
possibilities in LON-CAPA to achieve a goal.

If you like to keep with two options (true/false, yes/no, green/blue, 
...) and don't need the checkboxes, Gerd's second idea helps indeed.

I'd like to add that this forces the students to explicitly decide for 
an answer.
"checkbox mode": Not checking one option might be caused by just having 
forgotten to answer.
"normal mode": All options need to be selected. LON-CAPA would reject 
the answer if one option was not selected and provide the feedback "Some 
items were not submitted."

So, the latter case appears sometimes as the better choice.

Stefan Bisitz

Am 11.02.2014 15:07 schrieb Gerd Kortemeyer:
 > Hi,
 > On Feb 11, 2014, at 8:09 AM, Mark Kettner <mkettn at technik-emden.de> 
 >> is there a switch to disable the messages like "Select all that are
 >> <foo>.” for optionresponse?
 > It will go away if
 > * you have more than two options in your option response
 > * you uncheck the box for “checkbox for <foo>”
 > What is the particular scenario?
 > - Gerd.

Am 11.02.2014 15:22 schrieb Mark Kettner:
> Yes, that was my concern.
> Thanks for your fast reply!
> On Tue, 11 Feb 2014 15:01:39 +0100 Stefan Bisitz
> <st.bisitz at ostfalia.de> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> This has been discussed a lot in the past. The current production
>> release 2.10.1 does not allow to skip this text. The forthcoming
>> 2.11.0 release will include a parameter to switch this on and off.
>> Stefan Bisitz
>> Am 11.02.2014 14:09 schrieb Mark Kettner:
>>> Hello,
>>> is there a switch to disable the messages like "Select all that are
>>> <foo>." for optionresponse?
>>> - Mark
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