[LON-CAPA-users] Multiple use of ID error when uploading a PDF ?

Mills, Douglas G dmills at illinois.edu
Tue Dec 2 14:42:03 EST 2014

HI All,

I have an instructor who was uploading a pdf of her lecture slides yesterday the same as she does after every class and got the message "Error: multiple use of ID 24."   And she can no longer access that folder via the Content Editor.  Fortunately she is teaching parallel sections and is using separate Lon-Capa course sites so she was able to copy the lecture slides folder from the other section and paste into this one (I'm awaiting word from her on how she maintained the two sections since presumably she's uploaded all the same lecture pdfs into the same folders in both sections but uploading yesterday's pdf did not cause the error in the other section — but awaiting further detail on that).

Searching for the Lon-Capa error message I'm seeing it associated with sequences and the like (and recall causing some of those myself) but not seeing anything about the error occurring in a context like this…


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