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Doug Brunner dougbrunner at courseweaver.com
Fri Apr 11 16:07:36 EDT 2014

Dear LON-CAPA Users,
As you may already know, my name is Doug Brunner and I have recently joined the LON-CAPA team as an Ed Tech consultant and fellow teacher.  Recently I’ve been working on creating course templates for new users and I wanted to let you all know that we've completed templates for all of the courses listed below.  All course templates are clonable and are available under the domain “showandtell.”  If you’re interested in helping improve any of the templates or have any other contributions, feel free to contact me.

1. AP Calculus BC
2. Functions, Statistics & Trigonometry
3. Algebra I
4. Consumer Math

1. Physics
2. AP Physics B
3. AP Physics C
4. Physical Science
5. Chemistry
6. AP Chemistry
7. Biology
8. Middle School Science


Doug Brunner
Ed Tech Consultant
dougbrunner at courseweaver.com
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