[LON-CAPA-users] Text and filledcurves

Rex Abert ABERTR at tcc.fl.edu
Thu Apr 10 07:58:26 EDT 2014

There is a gnuplot option for "front" or "back" for labels, but this option does not appear to have been implemented in Lon-Capa.

Looking at the source for lonplot.pm, there is this section regarding labels:

my %label_defaults = 
     xpos    => {
	 default => 0,
	 test => $real_test,
	 description => 'X position of label (graph coordinates)',
	 edit_type   => 'entry',
	 size        => '10'
     ypos    => {
	 default => 0, 
	 test => $real_test,
	 description => 'Y position of label (graph coordinates)',
	 edit_type   => 'entry',
	 size        => '10'
     justify => {
	 default => 'left',    
	 test => sub {$_[0]=~/^(left|right|center)$/},
	 description => 'justification of the label text on the plot',
	 edit_type   => 'choice',
	 choices     => ['left','right','center']
     rotate => {
         default => 0,
         test => $real_test,
         description => 'Rotation of label (degrees)',
         edit_type   => 'entry',
         size        => '10',

If this has changed since version 2.10.1, please let me know.

Rex Abert
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Tallahassee Community College
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Subject: [LON-CAPA-users] Text and filledcurves


Does any know how make sure the text for a gnuplot is the top layer so it will show up in the case of filledcurves?

For example, the filled box below covers over the text. It doesn't matter whether the text tag is placed before or after the box.

Any ideas?


<gnuplot width="300" transparent="on" samples="100" grid="on" font="10" bgcolor="xffffff" height="300" align="left" fgcolor="x000000" border="on" plottype="Cartesian" texwidth="70" fontface="serif"  texfont="12">
    <axis xmin="-5" ymin="-4" xmax="5" ymax="4" color="x000000" yzero="thick-line" xzero="line" />
    <xlabel>Label X</xlabel>
    <ylabel>Label Y</ylabel>
    <curve linestyle="filledcurves" color="xaaaaaa" pointtype="1" linetype="solid" linewidth="1" limit="closed" pointsize="1">
    <label xpos="0" ypos="1" color="x000000" justify="center" rotate="0">Want this to be top layer</label>

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