[LON-CAPA-users] Hello from CourseWeaver

Gerd Kortemeyer korte at lite.msu.edu
Wed Apr 2 16:13:25 EDT 2014

We are pleased to share news of the recent developments at MSU regarding CourseWeaver Corp. CourseWeaver is an MSU spin-off company that ensures, promotes and advances the LON-CAPA legacy, with the goal of developing a next generation system which will inherit all of LON-CAPA’s strengths, yet at the same time serve a much broader user base as universal learning management system. We will soon be reaching out to you to help guide the development of the new system.

Currently, CourseWeaver offers a wider variety of LON-CAPA-related services:

* Hosted LON-CAPA solutions: We are providing hosted LON-CAPA services for K-12 schools, colleges, and universities. This continues the current eduCog-model at comparable prices, seehttp://courseweaver.com/lcpricing.php  

* Support of your on-campus installation: CourseWeaver recently took over the full 24/7 support of the LON-CAPA installation at Michigan State University. Talk with us if you are interested in having us support your installation at whatever level you desire, see http://courseweaver.com/lc_support.php

* New individual student option (available starting summer term): We are opening a new option for LON-CAPA use, allowing students to directly pay for their access to the system, comparable to competing homework systems. Let us know if you are interested in exploring this new option, seehttp://courseweaver.com/pricing.php

* Class Templates: In addition, we are creating more “quick start templates” for your courses. These include typical K-12 courses, as well as complete starter courses for textbook libraries, seehttp://courseweaver.com/lcclasstemplates.php

* Textbooks: We are continuing to encode and add more popular textbook materials, and can help with your needs, see http://courseweaver.com/lc_support.php

* 2014 LON-CAPA Conference: Want to get to know us and learn more? We are sponsoring the 2014 LON-CAPA Conference and Workshop, http://support.lon-capa.org/events/conf2014/ - we'd love to see you there - and we are a phone call or email away.

Gerd and Rob

Gerd Kortemeyer, gerd at courseweaver.com
Associate Professor, MSU
Chief Science Officer, CourseWeaver

Robert Fulk, rob at courseweaver.com
Chief Executive Officer, CourseWeaver

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