[LON-CAPA-users] problems with Chrome browser?

Raymond Batchelor batchelo at sfu.ca
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I saw one report from a student who said that her submit buttons kept moving around.  I did not follow up at the time because when I looked at her problem she already had completed the assignment.  I'll go play with chrome and see.

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HI All, 

In the past two days I’ve received at least four reports from students in different classes (so not using the same problems) of parts of a multipart problem being presented out of order with the submit buttons in the wrong places. An instructor also reported when following up on one of these reports seeing a problem in authoring space appear with the submit button for question 5 at the top of the screen followed by the list of correct answers normally at the bottom of the screen, followed by question 5 and then the other four questions in their correct order. In hitting randomize many times in Chrome I’ve been able to replicate this also. Initially I thought it was a problem with a particular variation of the problem itself, but taking any of the seeds and trying again does not replicate the problem; indeed, even submitting an answer so that the page reloads causes the problem to go away, so I’m thinking this is some type of random issue with Google Chrome, not with the coding or our problem itself. I’m still investigating this, checking on browsers used by other students who had the problem, etc. but so far it looks like Chrome on both Windows and Mac computers. Anyone else seeing or hearing anything along these lines? 


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