[LON-CAPA-users] spreadsheet changes won't stick

Carl Lira lira at egr.msu.edu
Mon May 20 21:30:54 EDT 2013

I used a spreadsheet successfully spring semester. 


I customized the student sheet (studentcalc), not the course level sheet or
the resource level (assesscalc) sheet. The grades were calculated from the
student sheet, not the course level sheet. The course level sheet just shows
the totals for the students. For the student sheet, you must select 'Save
as' or change the name and 'Save & Make this sheet the default'. I assume
the same applies to the resource level assesscalc sheet. Do not click
'Generate Sheet' until you have clicked to save or you will lose all the
changes. (I did this a few times before I realized what was happening.) 


If I understand that you are changing the assesscalc sheet, I would make
modifications very cautiously because I think you are changing the
assesscalc for every resource in your course. I would save it with a new
name, so that if you don't like the result you can switch the default back
to the original default. (When I change the studentcalc sheet when viewing
for one student, it changes it for all students. Changing the resource level
sheet when viewing one resource will probably change it for all resources.)


Some more info about what you are trying to do may help others suggest
another solution. If you are trying to change resource parameters for a
single resource, you probably should do it by editing the resource
parameters from the course editor rather than the grades spreadsheet.



>From April 2013 Archive without responses:


Hi all,


When I try to edit fields in the spreadsheet, it takes at first, but if I

edit a second field, or I try to save the changes, all the fields apparently

go blank. When I hit "Generate Spreadsheet" at any point, all of my changes

are gone. This is at the resource level. I've tried it on internet explorer,

chrome, and firefox. 


Does anybody know what might be causing this?







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