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Hi Doug,

I can't comment on the spreadsheet, since I don't use it.  I prefer to do all weighted marks/grades calculations offline.  However, I use "Score Upload" resources to display textual info for students (such as letter grades or exam scores, with comments).  One can upload such text from a csv file, to either "Grade Info", or to "Comment", or to both.  These can be quite long strings and I often include simple html, such as <br /> to format what the student sees, quite nicely.

I usually also upload either "points" or "partial credit factor".  However, *after* the upload I invariably set the weight of the resource to "0" and maxtries to "-1".  This effectively removes that score from the "grade book" (i.e. from "Chart" and default spreadsheet), and suppresses any "Submit" buttons or system feedback, so that the student sees a clean page with just the Grade Info, and/or Comments.  Nonetheless the partial credit factor remains stored, so that I could, if I chose at a later date, reapply some weight for the purposes of any grade calculations or scores export. 

We use this to display, for example, Midterm Exam results, broken down in differing ways and with comments.
We also use it to display complex marking scheme results for Lab Reports, or for a summary of all components contributing to, say, a Lab course.  


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Hi All, 

We haven't done much with the spreadsheet here before but are trying to see if we can use it in place of a vintage home-grown system we are fond of… The instructor piloting this undertaking is not finding a way to be able to display midterm letter grades to his students. I've searched the Course Mangement manual and online help and also come up empty-handed. Is this something that can be done in the spreadsheet either by setting up a column to display letter grades based on a scale applied to a total column OR by importing letter grades from an external spreadsheet? Or some other means? Thanks as always for your help! 


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