[LON-CAPA-users] Gnuplot x/yzeroaxis

Mark Kettner mkettn at technik-emden.de
Fri Jul 26 08:05:05 EDT 2013

I'm using a workaround, put this in your gnuplot-tag:

	<curve color="x000000">

	<curve linestyle="lines" pointtype="1" pointsize="1" color="x000000">

The first curve-tag is for the x-axis.
The second curve-tag defines a line from y=-10 to y=10.

Mark Kettner

Am 26.07.2013 09:50, schrieb Al Cone:
> Hello,
> I work with the gnuplot at the moment. I want to display the x and y axis.
> With gnuplot i only need two lines:
> set xzeroaxis lt -1 linewidth 1
> set yzeroaxis lt -1 linewidth 1
> Can someone translate me that in Lon-Capa?
> ~ Cone
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