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Mark Lucas lucasm at ohio.edu
Tue Jul 2 11:42:55 EDT 2013


An assembled sequence created in construction space is used if you somehow want
access to the complete set from the resource browser. For example, you want to insert
a folder as a monolithic chunk of problems that can't be changed under the course.
An assembled sequence also makes a nice 'shopping list' for including individual

What we typically do here these days is the following:

* Create a folder in the course under edit course.

* Import problem you want in the assignment. You can then rename the titles
   under edit course as well as encrypt the URL, etc....

* At the beginning of the next semester, I clone the course. The new instructor can
   easily go into edit course and rearrange, add or delete problems.

* If I want a published sequence representing the assignments from the course, I can
   dump the contents of the course into a directory in construction space and publish
   the assignments I created under edit course.

* If the sequence itself is imported, the instructor cannot change the order of problems, nor can
   they add problems to the folder.

Let me know if any of this makes sense. A more detailed discussion of this can be provided if you want.


On Jul 2, 2013, at 11:26 AM, Joseph Mingrone wrote:

> I've written lots of problems and would like to assemble them into
> assignments.  I gather the intended way to do this is by creating an
> assembled page for each assignment?  
> When a student logs in and goes to *Course Contents* he/she sees a list
> (Assignment #1, Assignment #2, ...).  The student can then click the
> arrow to the left of each assignment and see a breakdown of the problems
> within an assignment (along with some of the meta data).
> Can I prevent this?  If I call a problem "Paired T-test with
> Firefly data" I don't want to tell the student it's a paired t-test.
> I feel like I'm not creating the assignments the way they were intended
> to be created.
> Thanks,
> Joseph
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