[LON-CAPA-users] Bubblesheet Grading: Use same CODE for a copy of a course folder?

Stefan Bisitz st.bisitz at ostfalia.de
Thu Feb 21 07:38:29 EST 2013

Hi Bubblesheet graders,

Your help is needed :-)

We have two similar CODEd Exams, each with two different 4 digit 
numerical CODEs, all in one course, two folders. The PDF files have been 
printed. Bubblesheets have been filled in by the students corresponding 
to the questions in the PDF files. The sheets have been scanned and then 
uploaded to and graded in LON-CAPA.

We unfortunately had a mistake in the chain of process of one of our 
Bubblesheet exams. It turned out that one part of the assignments for 
the second exam have been switched with the questions (and CODE) of the 
first exam! Hence, we stopped the validation check for the second exam 
and the grading has not been processed so far for any student.

So, we have the answers for randomized questions we currently do not 
have. Is there any chance to create backwards a corresponding exam for 
these questions with the CODE of the first exam which were meant for the 
second exam? This would be okay in this case.

My idea:
- Copy the course folder of the first exam
- Split the scanner results of the second exam by the two CODEs
- One Bubblesheet grading for the scanner results with the correct CODE 
in the folder for the second exam
- Another Bubblesheet grading for the scanner results with the 
"incorrect" CODE  in the new folder

I am not sure about the way how the CODEs and randomization are created. 
Is it guaranteed that the copy of folder allows to use the same CODE as 
used for the original folder? We need to make sure that the 
randomization is fitting.

Thanks for any help,
Stefan Bisitz

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