[LON-CAPA-users] changing random seeds

Justin Gray jgray at math.sfu.ca
Sun Sep 2 21:25:41 EDT 2012

I have two questions about random seeds used to generate assessments in

Scenario 1
A student is interrupted by a fire alarm while writing a test and a makeup
test is granted. In addition to resetting the status of the test for this
student, how can a course coordinator generate a different version of the
test? Is it possible to change the random seed that is used to generate the
test for this student?

Scenario 2
A staff person needs access to a blind student's assignments so that she
can offer assistance. If assignments are randomized, how can a course
coordinator ensure that the staff person has access to exactly the same
assignment set with only a student role? Is it possible to set the same
random seed used to generate assignments for two students?


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