[LON-CAPA-users] Total points summary for two student groups with different sets of problems

Stefan Bisitz st.bisitz at ostfalia.de
Tue Nov 27 12:25:32 EST 2012

Thanks, Mark and Todd, for your quick replies.
Setting the weight to 0 sounds good to me.

Stefan Bisitz

Am 27.11.2012 18:21 schrieb Todd Ruskell:
> I've yet to decide if this is a bug or a feature.  It also happens with
> the spreadsheet
> You've clearly laid out the case for "bug"
> The case for "feature" is that it allows faculty to hide a group of
> problems and analyze the results before making them publicly available,
> or not making them available at all.
> The work-around is that in addition to hiding the problems for this
> subset of students, you also need to set the weight of the problems to
> "0" for this same subset.
> Todd
> On Tue, Nov 27, 2012 at 10:01 AM, Stefan Bisitz <st.bisitz at ostfalia.de
> <mailto:st.bisitz at ostfalia.de>> wrote:
>     Hi,
>     Our scenario:
>     We want to offer several LON-CAPA problems in a course to two groups
>     of students. One group should be offered all of the problems (e.g.
>     60), the other group should be offered a subset of the problems
>     (e.g. 50). We are currently using a section for the latter group
>     combined with the parameter "resource hidden" set for those problems
>     which should not be offered for the second group. All problems have
>     a weight of 1.
>     It appears that students in the section see the actual possible
>     points in their overview, e.g. 50. However, the Course Coordinator
>     gets a total of 60 points for this student in the progress chart.
>     Applying the section filter doesn't help. So, we need manual
>     calculations to address the correct amount of total points for each
>     student.
>     Bug? Feature? Any other way to achieve this?
>     Thanks for help,
>     Stefan Bisitz
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