[LON-CAPA-users] Acknowledging Critical Messages

Stefan Bisitz st.bisitz at ostfalia.de
Mon Nov 19 11:10:49 EST 2012

Hi Mark,

Students should not be able to continue with their regular work unless 
they have moved the critical messages to their inbox. Technically seen, 
more is possible - see bug #4513.

 From my latest experience, a new check is done when students browse the 
resources in a course. The critical messages page is shown again. Other 
actions, e.g.g changing user preferences, do not appear affected.

Stefan Bisitz

Am 19.11.2012 16:09, schrieb Lucas, Mark:
> Hi,
> What is the technical behavior of LON-CAPA when a student has not moved their critical message
> to their inbox?  I have a group of students who do this and seem to function just fine, but every
> once in a while an issue comes up.
> What should they be able to do or not do when a critical message is not acknowledged?
> Where and when does it check these things?
> Thanks,
> Mark

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