[LON-CAPA-users] Slow response from clicking on "Course Contents"

Amos Lee lee at math.usask.ca
Tue May 29 21:15:33 EDT 2012

Hi Gerd,

Yes, the timer is set to count down 70 minutes.  It is a 70-min timed 
Placement Test that we run four times a year.

    So if we upgrade to 2.10.1, it would be snappy again? :)

    While we are on the topic of timer, is there a way for Lon Capa to show 
a count-down timer always in the foreground (say, at the right-hand corner 
of some menu bar)?  That would help tremendously during the "last moments" 
of a timed test as it would avoid a minor nuisance when some students kept 
working on a question for five minutes and did not realize that it had 
already timed out four-and-a-half minutes ago. "Dream" feature, perhaps? 
Maybe there are tools outside of Lon capa that a script can call to work in 
tandem with a timed test?


On 29/05/2012 6:57 PM, Gerd Kortemeyer wrote:
> Hi Amos,
> Is this a "timed" quiz, i.e., a quiz that is open for a student for a
> certain amount of time after he or she started? If yes, the issue has
> been fixed:
> http://bugs.lon-capa.org/show_bug.cgi?id=6559
> If it's not a timed quiz, I don't know. The choice of math renderer
> should not have an influence on the speed of "Course Contents."
> - Gerd.

> On May 29, 2012, at 8:49 PM, Amos Lee wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm wondering if anyone else has a similar experience.
>> We upgraded Lon Capa from version 2.5.0-2007081514 to version
>> 2.10.0-2011060317 in the summer of 2011.  Since the upgrade, we always
>> notice that the response time after one clicks on "Course Contents"
>> has increased by about a factor of six.
>> More specifically, we run a Placement Test with 30 questions.  Back
>> when we were using version 2.5.0, it took about 5 seconds (and in all
>> cases no more than 10 seconds) to get a total response from Lon Capa
>> on the status of all 30 questions (that is, which questions have/have
>> not been submitted, and how much time is left before timing out,
>> etc).
>> But with version 2.10.0, we immediately noticed that it took about 15
>> to 20 seconds to get an initial response from the system on the first
>> 15 to 18 questions, and then one has to wait for another 15 seconds or
>> so to get the rest of it from the system.  All-in-all, after click on
>> Course Contents, it would generally take 30 to 35 seconds before one
>> can tell which questions have not been submitted and how much time is
>> left.  So students and TAs are not eager to click on Course Contents,
>> especially toward the end of the test when time is close to running
>> out.
>> I'm wondering whether this sluggish response to clicking on "Course
>> Contents" that we have been experiencing is unique to our
>> installation. There has been no change at all to our implementation of
>> our Placement Test since we started using 2.5.0. It is the same Test
>> ("Course") that we cloned every time we run it.  I'm also wondering
>> whether it has something to do with our reliance on "Convert to
>> images" for the "Force use of a specific math rendering engine"
>> parameter.
>> Thanks,
>> Amos Lee Math&  Stats Univ of Sask
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