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Mock, Jason jmock at illinois.edu
Thu May 10 13:38:42 EDT 2012


My situation is I need to have LON-CAPA-based exams that are proctored. Our students can be proctored in one of two ways: by coming to a computer lab the instructor proctors, or by taking the exam from their homes, etc., and using a 3rd-party proctoring service (in our case, ProctorU). Though I haven't used them, I have read the documentation on Slots and it looks like they can restrict access to the exam to users who are being proctored (amongst other restrictions). My questions are such:

*         Does the proctor have to be a user in the system? Currently, our proctors might not be LON-CAPA users.

*         What is the student experience of being granted access to the exam? My mental picture starting point is proctors physically visiting (or remotely controlling the student's computer, in the case of ProctorU) and typing a "proctor password." Is it different in LON-CAPA?

*         Once the student gains access to the exam via his/her proctor, is there any way the student can "complete" the exam (i.e. walk away from the proctored location), hop on a computer at home, and resume their exam from where they left off? What safeguards prevent this?

Your help is very much appreciated!
Jason Mock
Instructional Designer
University of Illinois
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