[LON-CAPA-users] What happens if a problem runs too long? (choose)

Seema Ali sali at vsb.bc.ca
Tue Mar 27 00:18:39 EDT 2012

Below, I created a problem, that I think should run fine, but apparently it is running too long.  I don't know why and how does Lon Capa deal with problems that run too long?


<script type="loncapa/perl">sub choose{
#  $n = shift @_;
#  $r = shift @_;
#  ($n,$r) = @_;
  $n = $_[0];
  $r = $_[1];
  $nr = $n-$r;
  return &cas('maxima', "binomial($n,$r)");  


$total  = &random(6,8,1)*10;
$female = &random(30,50,1)+1;
$male   = $total - $female;
$atmost = &random(3,4,1);
$smgroup= $atmost+1;  #just needs to be bigger than $atmost and smaller than $female or $male
$numerator = 0;

$denominator = choose($total,$smgroup);

for($i=0; $i<$atmost; $i++)
  $numerator += choose($male,$i)* choose($female,$smgroup-$i)/ $denominator;

#$answer = $numerator/choose($total,$smgroup);
$answer = $numerator;
$answer = &roundto($answer,4);</script><startouttext />A convention is attended by $total people of whom $female are women and $male are men.  If $smgroup of these people are randomly chosen to receive a door prize, what is the probability that at most $atmost will be men?
<br />
RUNS LONG AND NEEDS TO BE CHECKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<endouttext />
<numericalresponse answer="$answer" format="5F">
<responseparam type="tolerance" default="0.00001" name="tol" description="Numerical Tolerance" />
<responseparam name="sig" type="int_range,0-16" default="0,15" description="Significant Figures" />
    <textline readonly="no" />
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