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Seema Ali sali at vsb.bc.ca
Wed Jun 27 22:54:35 EDT 2012

I know my students would appreciate it.  The Internet speed at my school is very slow and going to Course Contents has been difficult and sometimes takes too long to load, which is stressful during a timed assessment.  Having information about the questions they've answered and being able to go to it directly would really help us out.  Great idea Amos.

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Hi All,

When displaying questions one at a time in an assignment or test of, say,
20 questions, I think it would be convenient to have a visual display at
the bottom of each question screen indicating which questions have been
answered, and which ones have yet to be answered--without having to leave
the question screen by clicking on [Course Contents].

    That is, after submitting a question, [Course Contents] would be
automatically called for the user, and the resulting list would be
generated and summarized in, say, a nice matrix format at the BOTTOM of the
screen such as the following or something to that effect:

[submit answer for this question] [prev question] [next question]

Go to any question (the ones you have answered are highlighted in green):
    [01] [02] [03] [04] [05] [06] [07] [08] [09] [10]
    [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] [19] [20]

Would something like that be desirable and feasible?


Amos Lee
Math & Stats
Univ of Sask
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