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One of the places to look for pointers to materials is the "Showntell" domain. This is a
separate domain that has some 'resources' that include a few sample problems, and most
importantly, a 'Welcome.html' page under each discipline that lists where some
pockets of problems are.  This will essentially give you a list of areas to start hunting in.

The other question is what text you are using, as there are some libraries out there
from textbooks publishers.


PS - Actually, let me just attach a pdf of the page for physics. If anyone has other resource
areas they'd like to add, please let me know.

On Jun 5, 2012, at 12:36 PM, Anna Kiefte wrote:

Hi everyone,
I am not new to LON-CAPA, but am new to this listserv.
I am wondering whether any of you have resources that you are willing to share/make accessible to our institution for algebra-based and calculus-based introductory physics at the college/university level?  If so, please send the info about your resources (what type of course they are designed for) and the path to your resources in the /res folders.
Thanks so much for your help!  It is greatly appreciated!

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