[LON-CAPA-users] optionresponse with checkboxes for printing? Multiple selections in one row...

Stefan Bisitz st.bisitz at ostfalia.de
Mon Dec 3 11:17:56 EST 2012

Hi LON-CAPA exam printing experts,

We like to have a more compact version of optionresponse problems with 
true/false options only. The "checkbox mode" works fine online. The 
printing version doesn't support that directly. It's just different 
true/false questions for each option.

Is there any chance to create an (optionresponse) problem for printing 
so that all true/false options could be checked in only one row?


Classical optionresponse (online):

Which colors could have a cow?
[true|false[\/] black
[true|false[\/] green
[true|false[\/] brown
[true|false[\/] red
[true|false[\/] white

( [true|false[\/]: drop-down list with options "true" and "false")

optionresponse w/o checkboxes (printed):

Which colors could have a cow?
black: O true | O false
green: O true | O false
brown: O true | O false
red: O true | O false
white: O true | O false

optionresponse with checkboxes (online only):

Which colors could have a cow?
[_] black
[_] green
[_] brown
[_] red
[_] white

What we like to have (printed):

Which colors could have a cow?
O black | O green | O brown | O red | O white

Important: More than one option could be true. Even no option could be true.

Another side effect, though highly important for us, would be a fifth of 
printed question numbers. It's not the needed space but the actual 
amount of numbers.

Any chance?

Stefan Bisitz

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