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Seema Ali sali at vsb.bc.ca
Fri Apr 20 17:38:14 EDT 2012


The proctor thing didn't work, so I omitted it for now.  However, I can't see the question the student had when I try to see their solutions.  The folder the questions are in are associated with a slot and for problem status it is set to no.

I tried to access the information by using the following steps.
Main Menu
Grading Statistics - View the course assessment progress chart
Output Format:  HTML with links, Scores per Problem
Generate Chart

For each student there is a chunk of 0's and 1's which I click on (each problem is worth 1 mark).  I can see the student response in the 2nd row of the Submissions table, but I can't see the question.  Is there a way for me to view the question the student received and still have it hidden from the student?


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