[LON-CAPA-users] LON-CAPA Login on iPod Touch

Michael Dugdale michael.dugdale at johnabbott.qc.ca
Mon Apr 16 16:55:26 EDT 2012

Fortunately, it only seems to occur on the username field (it's visible so it's fairly easy to correct). This doesn't seem to occur in the password field

Michael Dugdale

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On 2012-04-16, at 16:52, "Joe Grigas" <grigasjo at msu.edu<mailto:grigasjo at msu.edu>> wrote:

This is common to iPhone/iPod Touch, not just LonCapa, but other login pages too. You could go into Settings: general:Keyboard and then turn off Auto Caps, but I find it easier to hit the arrow at login.  Maybe there is another way that I don't know about.

Joe Grigas

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On Apr 16, 2012, at 4:39 PM, "Lucas, Mark" <lucasm at ohio.edu<mailto:lucasm at ohio.edu>> wrote:

I've got a curious question about logging in to LON-CAPA on an iPod Touch
using safari.

One of my users here brings up LON-CAPA in order to log in, and when
entering his username, the browser wants to auto-capitalize the first letter.
It takes several passes for him to convince it to be lowercase.
This does not happen for him on other web sites - just LON-CAPA.

Safari on my Macbook doesn't do anything like this.

Has anyone else run into this problem? Is there a site-specific setting
or behavior that has convinced the browser to do this? Is there a setting
he needs to tweak to get rid of this behavior?

Just curious,

Mark Lucas  email: lucasm at ohiou.edu<mailto:lucasm at ohiou.edu>
252D Clippinger Lab phone: (740)597-2984
Department of Physics and Astronomy fax: (740)593-0433
Ohio University
Athens, OH 45701

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