[LON-CAPA-users] Image visibility for students

William Paddock Paddock_WA at elps.k12.mi.us
Mon Apr 16 12:03:43 EDT 2012

Hi All,

I have a question about the visibility of published images.  I have some images published using a custom rights file.  When these images are used in a problem I am able to see them inside course coordinator and instructor roles, but I am not able to see the images inside the problem when I switch to student view.  Also, my students are not able to see the images, but they are able to see the problem, even though both are published using the same custom rights file.  As a student the name of the image file shows in the problem, not the image.

Any ideas on how I can get these images visible to students?

Here is an example of a problem...


and an image...

res/author/Paddock_Wa/ChemistryLibrary/OrganicChem/MultiChoice25/ch 25 images/f1q103g1.jpg

Both are published under...


and the problem shows 

rule_rights: 	deny:::course,allow:author::course,allow:elps::course,allow:lsd::course,allow:wmston::course 

The course is in the elps domain.  My user is in the author domain.  All students users are elps domain.

Thanks for any help,

Will Paddock

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