[LON-CAPA-users] Resetting the record of a student's access times

Amos Lee lee at math.usask.ca
Fri Sep 2 23:46:48 EDT 2011


We use Lon Capa to run a Math Placement Test that we set up for students to 
write.  Before the actual test, I usually test it out by enrolling a 
generic "test student".  The Test is set up to time out in 70 minutes.

In the past when we were using Lon Capa ver 2.5, I remember I was able to 
reset the record of the test student's access.  This allows me to test, 
reset, and re-test again using the same test student.

But in Lon Capa ver 2.10 that we are currently running, I was unable to 
locate the appropriate menu that would allow me to reset the access records 
of the test student. I thought it would be under Manage Course Users. Did I 
overlook some menu?



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