[LON-CAPA-users] Using Slots - Problem Due Date and Time Limit parameters

Amos Lee lon-capa-users@mail.lon-capa.org
Thu, 02 Jun 2011 16:51:43 -0600

Ah, thanks, Stuart!  I've been scratching my head for the last couple of 
days, testing and re-testing it, thinking that I had done something wrong.

Yes, we are in the process of upgrading from Version 2.5.0-2007081514 to a 
newer version.  I guess we need to upgrade to 2.10.0 then if we want to use 
time slots properly.

If we are stuck with an older version of Lon Capa, can we create s separate 
course (called, say, the "time-slots-sign-up" course) just for the purpose 
of students signing up for time slots?  Such a course will be separate from 
the course containing the Test/Exam.  If that works, I understand that I 
need to have at least one ".problem" in this "time-slots-sign-up" course. 
Does this ".problem" have to be the one that Felicia gave previously 
(/res/msu/felicia/sign-up.problem)?  I can import it, but how do I see the 
internal coding of it?


Amos Lee
Math & Stats
Univ of Sask

On 6/2/2011 3:53 PM, Stuart Raeburn wrote:
> Hi,
>>  But when I tested this, the timer for student005 (who was assigned to
>>  Time Slot 1) did not appear to be counting down 1800 seconds;
> Yes, there was a bug which meant time limits were not in effect for
> resources on which access was slot-controlled.
> (See: http://bugs.loncapa.org/show_bug.cgi?id=5497 )
> The fix for that bug is included in LON-CAPA 2.10.0.
> It looks as though the LON-CAPA server in your domain is currently
> running LON-CAPA 2.5.0.
> Stuart Raeburn
> MSU LON-CAPA group
> Quoting Amos Lee<lee@math.usask.ca>:
>>  Hi,
>>  I'm having trouble getting the timer to count down correctly for time
>>  slots. Say, I have the following scenario with two 1-hour slots:
>>  Time Slot 1:
>>  Start Time: Wed Jun 1 10:00:00 2011 (CST)
>>  End Time  : Wed Jun 1 11:00:00 2011 (CST)
>>  Scheduled Student: student005
>>  Time Slot 2:
>>  Start Time: Thu Jun 2 10:00:00 2011 (CST)
>>  End Time  : Thu Jun 2 11:00:00 2011 (CST)
>>  Scheduled Student: student006
>>  Within each time slot, I want to deliver a 30-min test as timed by Lon
>>  Capa's timer after the student clicks on the Show Resource button to
>>  confirm.
>>  In the list of resource parameters, I'm not exactly sure how to set
>>  "Problem Due Date", so I set it to be the same as the End Time of Time
>>  Slot 2. The parameter "Time Limit" is set to 1800 (seconds).
>>  But when I tested this, the timer for student005 (who was assigned to
>>  Time Slot 1) did not appear to be counting down 1800 seconds; it
>>  appeared to be counting down towards the End Time of Time Slot 2.
>>  How do I set these parameters correctly?
>>  Thanks,
>>  Amos Lee
>>  Math&  Stats
>>  Univ of Sask
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