[LON-CAPA-users] Example of Looping sequence

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Thu, 2 Sep 2010 15:05:36 -0400

<FONT face=3D"Default Sans Serif,Verdana,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif" size=
=3D2><div>I would like to develop a problem which <br><br>asks a question.<=
br>If the student gets it right, the $rightCount is bumped.<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;=
&nbsp; If it is wrong, the $rightCount =3D 0<br><br>If $rightCount &lt; 5 t=
hen <br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; go back to the question (the question is now re-=
randomized)<br>else<br>&nbsp;&nbsp; Display some information "Congratulatio=
ns, all done with this problem"<br><br>I think the Advanced Sequence editor=
 is supposed to give me this capability, but I can't see how to use it. Doe=
s anyone have an example sequence and problem which does something like thi=