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MSIE 6.x (and even 5.x) does support PNG but not PNG alpha transparency. As
long as you aren't going to try to use alpha transparency (you can still use
single color transparency), it seems that PNGs are just about as well
supported as GIFs these days, and most web designers prefer PNG over GIF
since they have some nicer features. I would say that as long as you stay
away from alpha transparency, you can use PNGs interchangeably with GIFs.

There is a nice discussion on browser support of pngs at:
The article looks like it might be a couple years old, but it lays out what
the older browsers can and can't do.


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Hi Mark,

New browsers support partial transparency, older ones don't. The issue is
that many companies and probably also many universities still use outdated
browsers which don't fully support transparency/png, i.e. MSIE 6.x.

Stefan Bisitz

On 30.06.09, Mark Lucas  <lucasm@ohio.edu> wrote:

> Older browsers don't have png support, or it is partial. The biggest
> issue is the handling of transparency from what I can tell. I'm just
> trying to get a feel for whether this seems to be an issue any more.
> Mark
> On Tue, 2009-06-30 at 22:40 +0200, Peter Riegler wrote:
> > Hi Mark,
> > 
> > our lc-server tells me that we have quite a number of problems using 
> > PNGs. Presumably that will answer your question.
> > But what's the issue/problem?
> > 
> > Peter
> > 
> > Mark Lucas wrote:
> > > Just a quick poll - what are people's ideas on vanilla png (no
> > > transparency, etc...) for the web these days? Yes or no for LON-CAPA
> > > problems?
> > > 
> > > Mark

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