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Thanks, Stuart, for the extensive answer.

It works almost as you suggested for me now. I need only one resource
(why ever), but somehow it didn't work until I created a brand new
resource and deleted the old one. I should say that I did not really
understand how to connect the different resources to the available slots
in your suggestion.

I get the list of students from the "Managing Slots" page, and that's
all I need.

Thanks again

Stuart Raeburn schrieb:
> Bjorn,
> To use slots in the way you propose you would probably want to create a
> resource for each tutorial time for which you want students to make a
> reservation.
> One reason is that in LON-CAPA 2.8 limited information is available to
> the student about their current reservations.  Currently that
> information is restricted to display of a message when the student
> accesses the resource (for which access is controlled by slots).
> After a student has reserved a slot (for a future start date), the
> message displayed for the corresponding resource is:
> You are not currently signed up to work at this time and/or place.
> Will be next available: <Name of earliest future reservation>
> <Change reservation> button.
> In LON-CAPA 2.9, more information will be available to the student about
> reservations (in the future), as well as reservation history (for both
> instructors and students) -see http://bugs.loncapa.org/show_bug.cgi?id=5822
> For now the strategy would be:
> (a) Create a resource for each tutorial.
> (b) Use Modify parameter settings (due dates, etc) for resources and the
> course -> Manage Course Slots -> Create a new slot to create a slot for
> each tutorial.
> 1. Set the start time and end time appropriate for the duration of the
> tutorial meeting time.
> 2. Set as student selectable
> 3. Provide a description (I recommend one which includes Location,
> Purpose and Start and End dates/times
> 4. Set a time students can start reserving (make this now, or any time).
> 5. Set the maximum number of students allowed in the tutorial
> 6. If multiple tutorials are to be offered in a given time frame (e.g.,
> one week, and you only want students to be able to sign up for one, you
> could set the start and end for "Period of time when this slot can only
> be uniquely chosen" for the start and end of that week for all tutorials
> available during the week, otherwise just leave as the default start =
> end = current date/time
> 7. Proctors? - set to "no" (not relevant to your case).
> 8. Proctor passphrase - leave blank (not relevant to your case).
> 9. Slot is: usable for any resource or restricted to a specific resource.
>    You could restrict use of a particular slot for a particular resource
> (tutorial sign-up) by selecting the "restricted to a specific resource"
> and selecting the appropriate resource on the next page.
> 9. Restrict availability - select any specific sections and/or users to
> whom the slot applies. (By default all can use).
> 10. Finish to store the slot.
> (c) As regards parameter setting for each of the resource.
> 1. Navigate to the resource
> 2. Click "Modify parameter settings for this resource"
> 3. Set the parameter:     "Use slot based access controls [Part: 0]
> (useslots)" for resource in Course to
> "Yes, and the scope of student selected slot is a single resource."
> 4. Leave "Slots of availability [Part: 0] (available)" unset - this is
> for instructor assigned slots.
> 5. Leave "Slots of availability selected by student [Part: 0]
> (availablestudent)" unset - this parameter only makes sense when set for
> an individual username.
> Stuart Raeburn
> MSU LON-CAPA group
>> hey,
>> I'm stuck. I try to set up a slot-based system to let the students
>> inscribe themselves to tutorials (several of which will be offered).
>> I (think I) figured out that slots can be used only in connection with a
>> resource, and in particular only with a problem. Is that correct?
>> Now, my plan was to create a 'dummy'-problem whose only purpose it is to
>> provide an interface for the students to select a slot. But the message
>> I get is "Not open to be viewed".
>> In the parameter section for this resource, those are the "parameters in
>> effect":
>> "Problem Opening date": Wed Apr 15 01:58:00 pm 2009 (CEST)
>> "Problem Due Date": Sun Apr 26 12:00:00 am 2009 (CEST)
>> "Problem Answer Date": Tue Apr 21 12:00:00 am 2009 (CEST)
>> "Use slot based access controls": resource
>> For "Slots of availability", I could not find any documentation on how
>> to add multiple slots. I did try with a comma-seperated list:
>> slot1,slot2,... and with semicolons: slot1;slot2;...
>> In the "Managing slot" sheet, I find the only dates for slots set being
>> Start time: I tried dates in past & future
>> End time: Way in the future (july, actually).
>> When coming as a student or as course coordinator, I get the error
>> message stated above. When there is only one slot in "Slots of
>> availability" and the start time for the slot is in the future, I can
>> see the resource, but not choose to be added to the slot (and I remain
>> slotless).
>> Is using slots (or using them this way) completely futile or am I making
>> a trivial mistake? I'd appreciate any help.
>> Oh, btw: I'm using 2.8.0-2009011523 with the bugfix for
>> http://bugs.loncapa.org/show_bug.cgi?id=5888 .
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