[LON-CAPA-users] flash and xml files

Todd Ruskell lon-capa-users@mail.lon-capa.org
Thu, 05 Jun 2008 16:54:51 -0600


We're experimenting with some flash content in LON-CAPA.  In general,
this works fine but we've come across an interesting problem.  One of
our tools (authorPoint) actually creates several .swf files, and links
them all together under a single .swf file.  For some reason, it uses
three *.xml files which contain configuration data.  As an example, one
of them is listed below.

When the entire tree us uploaded into LON-CAPA, the swf works fine in
construction space.  As I publish all the included swf files it
continues to work fine.  But as soon as I publish one of these xml files
the swf refuses to load.  If I, for example, re-upload the file to
change the "published" tag to modified, the swf still doesn't upload.
So I'm wondering if LON-CAPA somehow does something "bad" to these xml
files that would make them unreadable?  I can provide a full swf tree if
that might help in debugging.



<---file contents start right after this line--->
xml encoding="UTF-8" version="1.0"
	<header text="mcHeader" value="true" />
	<video text="mcVideo" value="false" />
	<audio text="mcAudio" value="false" />
		<toc position="1" value="false" />
		<links position="2" value="false" />
		<search position="3" value="false" />
		<authorInfo position="4" value="false" />
		<thumbNail position="5" value="false" />
	<logo text="mcLogoBase" value="false" />
		<previous text="mcControl" value="true" />
		<play text="mcPlay" value="true" />
		<pause text="mcPause" value="true" />
		<stop text="mcStop" value="true" />
		<replay text="mcReplay" value="true" />
		<next text="mcNext" value="true" />
	<slider text="mcSlider" value="true" />
	<print text="mcPrint" value="true" />
	<notes text="mcNotes" value="true" />
	<volume text="mcSoundSlider" value="true" />
	<volBtn text="mcSoundBtn" value="true" />

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