[LON-CAPA-users] Tolerance Problems?

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Mon, 10 Sep 2007 14:30:29 -0400

Hi Todd,

> I'm having difficulties adjusting the tolerance of a problem.  The
> course tolerance is set to 2%.  I have a graphical problem with a 15%
> tolerance coded in the problem, but it isn't taking.

Hi Todd, all of the info about how the decision about what tolerance
to use is shown in the PPRM screen.

So go to the resource click on PPRM, on that screen check the 'Show
all Parts', fill in a student you want to examine.

You should see two Numerical Tolerance lines.

The course default will occur in the first column of the Part 0 line.

Depending on how your problem is written you'll have a 15% in either
the part 0 line or the part 0_<responseid> line. (It will be in the 0
line if you have <problem><parameter><*response>
It will be in the 0_<responsid> line if you put it inside the response

The cascade to find which parameter takes effect works from the far
right to the left across the 0_<responseid> line, and then from the
far right across the Part 0 line.

(Which attempts to cascade from 'more specfic' to 'most generic')

My guess you may have a student or section level parameter in
effect for the whole course that is overriding the desired parameter.

But this screen should give you the full picture for a specfic
student and find where it is picking the parameter from.

> The accepted range
> looks ok in construction space, but not within the course--The default
> 2% is what is reported, for example, by PGRD:
> Answer for Part: 0 	1.67E-01 [0.163856,0.170544]	Unit: N
> I've also tried setting the tolerance for the individual problem
> separately in PARM, and that doesn't seem to be taking, either.
> I noticed this on 2.5.0 just before I upgraded, as well as 2.5.1.
> Anyone else having this problem, or am I missing something?
> Thanks,
> Todd
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