[LON-CAPA-users] Panic - dropboxes not appearing?

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Wed, 5 Sep 2007 19:10:17 -0400

<div>OK, I now see a brute force fix. I have to put the parameter in the ma=
in problem, before any of the parts.<br><br>Unfortunately, this will requir=
e me to search all the problems that use this - there are perhaps 50 out of=
 500 or more? and change them all. OK, I can do that - I live for drudge wo=
rk:) but I wonder of there is some trick to make it work by putting the par=
ameter in the library? The code structure is<br><br>&lt;problem&gt;<br>&nbs=
p;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; ------ This one works correctly ----<br>&lt;parameter =
name=3D"uploadedfiletypes" id=3D"13" default=3D"xls" type=3D"string=5Ffilee=
xt" description=3D"Allowed File Extensions for Uploaded Files" /&gt;<br><br=
>&lt;import&gt; script library &lt;/import&gt;<br><br>... set some script v=
ariables ...<br><br>&lt;import&gt; problem=5Fpart=5Fstuff library &lt;/impo=
rt&gt;<br><br><br>My design was hopefully to make single changes to the lib=
raries, rather than changing every problem of this structure:( <br><br>I tr=
ied putting the parameter as the first line in the problem=5Fpart=5Fstuff, =
before any parts, but that didn't work.<br><br>I also tried putting it in t=
he problem=5Fpart=5Fstuff &lt;part&gt; that did the dropbox, thinking that =
it would certainly affect that part. Again with no luck.<br><br>I also trie=
d putting it in the script library, before the &lt;script&gt; statement. Ag=
ain no luck. <br><br>I ma beginning to think I can't put &lt;parameter&gt; =
statements in files that are imported - does that sound correct?<br><br>Tha=
nks,<br>brew<br>&nbsp;<br></div><font color=3D"#990099">-----lon-capa-users=
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ON-CAPA-users] Panic - dropboxes not appearing?<br><br><font face=3D"monosp=
ace" size=3D"3">Hi Brew,<br><br><br>Quick guess:<br><br>&gt; &lt;library&gt=
;<br>&gt; &lt;part id=3D"Spreadsheetdone"&gt;<br><br>...<br><br>&gt; &lt;pa=
rameter name=3D"uploadedfiletypes" id=3D"13" default=3D"xls,xlsm,xlsx"<br>&=
gt; type=3D"string=5Ffileext" description=3D"Allowed File Extensions for Up=
loaded<br>&gt; Files" /&gt;<br><br>...<br><br>&gt; &lt;/part&gt;<br>...<br>=
&gt; &lt;part id=3D"dropBox"&gt;<br>...<br>&gt; &lt;essayresponse id=3D"upl=
oad"&gt;<br>...<br><br><br>Your parameter is affecting part Spreadsheetdone=
, not part dropBox.<br><br>Thus no extensions set thus no file selector.<br=
><br>For a quick fix PPRM -&gt; set uploadfiltypes at part 0 to xls,xlsm,xl=
sx<br>for this problem.<br><br><br><br>-- <br>guy@albertelli.com &nbsp; 0-7=
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