[LON-CAPA-users] Panic - dropboxes not appearing?

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Wed, 5 Sep 2007 15:50:46 -0400

Well, school started today, so of course things are immediately breaking
for me.

I have a problem that requests an answer code from a student. When that
code is correct, a block condition allows another problem part to be shown.
The second part asks them to submit an excel spreadsheet for grading (using
a dropbox).

Suddenly today, the dropbox portion that asks for the excel spreadsheet
shows the text for that part, and the stuff that indicates

 Submit entries below as answer to receive credit
 Save entries below as a draft answer (not submitting them for credit yet)

But no Dropbox area! No ability to send the filename!

Hitting Submit Answer doesn't seem to do anything.

I created a small test problem with a dropbox, and it does the same thing -
shows the text, gives the submission options, but no area for actually
submitting the file.



Code:  Main problem


<import id="11"> /res/monroe/brewington/Common/AnswerCode.library </import>

<script type="loncapa/perl">

$spreadsheet = "LabPractice.xls";
$user =&EXT("user.name");
$answerCode =&CalcAnswerCode ($spreadsheet,$user);

<import id="SpreadsheetInfo">
/res/monroe/brewington/Common/ExcelLabUtilityRef.library </import>


Code: library routine ExcelLabUtilityRef.library

<part id="Spreadsheetdone">
<parameter name="cssfile" id="12"
default="/res/monroe/brewington/Common/css/Basic.css" type="string_value"
description="FileName" />

<parameter name="uploadedfiletypes" id="13" default="xls,xlsm,xlsx"
type="string_fileext" description="Allowed File Extensions for Uploaded
Files" />

<startouttext />
<H3>Complete the Spreadsheet</H3>
First, bring up Excel with an empty worksheet. Verify you have
BrewUtilities installed (Tools/Add-ins). If not, install the utility add-in
as described below.<p />

Use this link to download the spreadsheet for this lab.<p />
<a href="$spreadsheet" class="emphasis">Download spreadsheet:
$spreadsheet</a><p />
Save your worksheet to your student network drive (I:, for example) as you
complete it.

<H3>Download the Lab Utilities for the Spreadsheet</H3>
When using the spreadsheet for this lab, you will also need to have my
Excel Add-In module <strong>BrewUtilities.xla</strong> installed. You may
have already installed it, in which case you can ignore this section.<p />
However, if you need to download it the first time, or need to update to a
newer version,
please see the page <p />
<a target="_blank" href="/res/monroe/brewington/Common/BrewUtilities.html"
class="emphasis">Brew's Excel Utility Package  </a> <p />
for installation instructions.
<p />

<H3>Enter Your Answer Code</H3>
When you have completed your spreadsheet, it will give you an Answer
Code.<br />
Enter the Answer Code here to get credit for your solution.<p />
<endouttext />
<numericalresponse answer="$answerCode" id="spreadsheetCode">
 <responseparam name="tol" type="tolerance" default="0"
 description="Numerical Tolerance" />
 <responseparam name="sig" type="int_range,0-16" default="0,15"
 description="Significant Figures" />
 <textline />
  <startouttext /><endouttext />

<block condition="$status =~ /^correct/">

<part id="dropBox">
<p />Please click the Submit Answer button to upload your spreadsheet for
<essayresponse id="upload">