[LON-CAPA-users] Excel Lab Spreadsheets

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Tue, 29 May 2007 18:23:39 -0400

<font size=3D"2">OK, I have developed a much better system for doing my Exc=
el Lab spreadsheets. It requires use of an Excel add-in, which contains a b=
unch of utility routines used by the spreadsheet.<br><br>Changes:<br><br>- =
Instead of using a keyboard macro (potentially visible to the student) for =
the backdoor, you now use the mouse to Ctrl-Shift-Right click on a hidden r=
egion of the spreadsheet. No macros are visible to the student.<br><br>- Di=
sabling protection (optionally) can prompt for a password. Per spreadsheet =
you can set a specific password, or you can use a default table built in. F=
or example, I use a table of Messier objects and their common names. The pa=
ssword then prompts with a hint (the Messier number) and the correct respon=
se is the common name.<br><br>- A minimal amount of VBA code is now added t=
o the Lab spreadsheet, since most of the work is done in the add-in.<br><br=
>- Hidden sheets are also protected by making the text white-on-white, and =
placing a large rectangle over the sheet. This way, even if a student someh=
ow gets to view a sheet, they cannot see anything. They would have to unpro=
tect the sheet to move the rectangle, and then realize to change the font.<=
br><br>- Hidden sheets are hidden so they do not show up in the Hidden shee=
t list. Once hidden, they require VBA code to bring back.<br><br>- I made a=
 few utility worksheet functions to help evaluate the student input.<br><br=
>Anyway, this is all documented somewhat in the word document listed below.=
 To see the stuff, go to /res/monroe/brewington/Common. You are looking for=
<br><br>LonCapa Spreadsheet Tools.doc&nbsp; (documentation)<br>BrewUtilitie=
s.zip&nbsp; (contains the .xla add-in file)<br>BrewUtilities.html&nbsp; (in=
structions for the student to install the add-in).<br><br>If you try it, le=
t me know what you think!<br><br>brew<br></font>=