[LON-CAPA-users] loncapa as your CMS, use of gradebook?

Gerd Kortemeyer lon-capa-users@mail.lon-capa.org
Thu, 8 Mar 2007 12:36:48 -0500

On Mar 8, 2007, at 8:57 AM, James Sullivan wrote:

> This is a rather general question regarding those of you who use  
> loncapa as your sole CMS. I am currently using Blackboard and  
> loncapa for my courses. The primary reason I use Blackboard is for  
> the ease of entering grade information for non-loncapa assignments  
> (handwritten homework, labs, etc.). For ease of maintenance of my  
> courses, I would like to give up the use of BB entirely so that I  
> only have to maintain my loncapa courses.
> For those of you using loncapa as your sole CMS, how do you handle  
> entering of grades for non-loncapa assignments? Advice,  
> suggestions, etc. would be much appreciated.

The real difference in LON-CAPA is that every external grade needs to  
be represented by at least one problem part in a document in the  
course - the assignments are embedded into the content. There is to  
my knowledge nothing that the BlackBoard gradebook can do that LON- 
CAPA cannot - but being LON-CAPA, it's "different."

I just use the grade upload form in DOCS, or make the assignments  
into handgraded responses, or use essay.


Probably the simplest way. In DOCS, use "Special Documents", "Score  
Upload Form" - one for every gradeable external item in the course.  
Students can see their score by NAVigating to the form.


I have weekly recitations, which are graded by the TAs. The sheets  
for the recitations I generate in LON-CAPA, see for example


so that different students get different sheets - but the computer  
does not grade this, and the students don't enter anything online.  
The recitation has the code in it:

<parameter part="0" name="handgrade" id="31" type="string_yesno"  
default="yes" display="Hand Grade [Part: 0]" />
<parameter name="weight" id="11" type="float_pos" default="24"  
description="Weight" />
<parameter name="scoreformat" id="14" default="1f" type="string"  
description="Format for display of score" />
<script type="loncapa/perl">
if ((!defined($weight)) || ($weight eq '')) { $weight=1; }
if (!defined($awarded)) { $awarded=0; }
if (!defined($scoreformat) || $scoreformat eq '') { $scoreformat="2f"; }
if ($awarded) {
    $message="You have $points out of $weight possible points."
} else {
    $message="$weight available points."

<startouttext />
<endouttext />

- the grades from the TAs I upload using a spreadsheet in PGRD.  
Students can see their score by NAVigating to the recitations.


I also have honors reports that I handgrade. For those, I am using  
the same problem over and over, one problem for every week of  
reports, with titles corresponding to the assignments.


<startouttext />
<h1>Honors Option Report</h1>
You are required to work through the online material and problems  
ahead of the course schedule for eight chapters of this course, and  
submit a detailed report regarding technical problems, unclear  
formulations, inconsistencies, spelling, mathematical and grammatical  
errors.<endouttext />
<essayresponse id="11">
     <responseparam name="uploadedfiletypes" type="string_fileext"  
default="doc,pdf,txt" description="Allowed File Extensions for  
Uploaded Files" />

I grade from PGRD, using the option "with ungraded responses."  
Students can see their score by NAVigating to the upload forms.

- Gerd.