[LON-CAPA-users] Cascading Style Sheets?

lon-capa-users@mail.lon-capa.org lon-capa-users@mail.lon-capa.org
Sat, 2 Jun 2007 22:04:43 -0400

I am trying to get cascading style sheets to work, and not having much
luck. Has anyone done this?

First, I tried to create a file Basic.css. I can create the file, but
LonCapa does not allow it to be edited.

Issue - Is there a way to configure LonCapa to edit .css files? I looked
for a Course Parameter, but maybe I missed something...

So, I named the file Basic.sty so I can edit it.

As Author, I created an HTML file Instructions.html with a <LINK> tag to
get Basic.sty. Works great! and I can put multiple links for better
<LINK index="11" TITLE="LabStyles" REL="StyleSheet" TYPE="text/css"
MEDIA="screen, print, projection"

Now, I created a Spreadsheet.problem file. Tried to use <LINK>, but no
success. I assume the LINK has to be in the <Heading>, but all the
<problem> stuff is in the <body>.

Published everything, then went to Course Coordinator and imported the
sequence containing the html and problem files. Used Parameters for the
Spreadsheet.problem at the resource level to set the css file for
Spreadsheet.problem. Cannot set the css link for Instructions.html (it does
not show up in the resource drop down list).

Issue - apparently the css link can only be done at the resource level? I
would like to set all the files (eventually a hundred or more) within the
directory subtree Labs/... to use the same css file. If I try and work from
the Map/Folder level, I can't set the "CSS file to link" parameter.

I try the sequence, and neither file, Instructions.html (with <LINK>) or
Spreadsheet.problem (with css link) successfully uses the Basic.sty file.
Instructions.html worked when I was Author, but not as Coordinator?

I copied the Basic.sty file to Basic.css, and reset the Parameter to use
Basic.css. Still no luck.

Issue - how do I get the CSS file to be invoked?

I welcome all suggestions!