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Oops, I didn't realize I was doing C style comparison operators.

OK, I changed that. It now looks like


and still gives the traditional undefined value.

It seems like whenever I try and access "tries" things mess up.
Does the EXPANDSUM look at part 0 (stores_0_tries)? Since this is blank, I
am wondering if that messes up the construct.

Or, maybe the negative signs are a problem?

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Hi Brew,

> I am playing with my scoring mechanism in the spreadsheet again, and
> the line below.
> It of course gives the standard "undefined value" response.
> Anyone know what the error is?
> The stores_0_tries value is blank or empty; all the rest of them have
> numbers in them.


Try this:

( '=' is assignment, '==' is numerical comparison, 'eq' is text comparison

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