[LON-CAPA-users] Change size of "Answer" box appearing on PDF printout?

Guy Albertelli II lon-capa-users@mail.lon-capa.org
Mon, 26 Feb 2007 02:44:45 -0500 (EST)

Hi Alison,

You can turn the <textline /> into arbitray LaTeX code for printing.

You'll need to create in CSTR a lon-capa style file

(in CSTR
Select action 'New Style File:' and give it a name.)

In the edit mode change the contents of the .sty file to

<definetag name="textline">
            LaTeX you'd prefer to appear in replacment of the existing
            box. Examples of what you would want here are later in this email.

Then publish this .sty file.

Enter your course and 
- Click Main Menu
- Click PARM
- Click 'Set Course Environment'
- Change the field 'Default XML Style File' to point to the file you
  just published. (You can use the 'Select Style File' link to get a
  window to navigate to it and pick it.)
- Click 'Set Course Environment' to make this take effect

Now if you navigate to the problem and print it should have the change
you wanted.

- this is a global change to your course, all problems that have a
  textline will print with the above change as long as the 'Default
  XML Style File' is set to this. By deleting this set value the
  printing will revert back to the way it worked before.
  (Ther are ways to work around this using the <block> tag inside of
  the <tex> tag in the .sty file, but I'll save that for a later email
  if still needed/wanted.)

- If you want to change the effects of the sty file, chanign the sty
  and re-publishing it will take effect immeadiately if the PARM is
  set fo the course.

Some examples of what to put between the <tex></tex>and their effects:

This will leave a 3cm gap where the box previously appeared:


This will create a box the width of the column of the sheet, and 3cm

  <tex>\framebox[\textwidth]{\parbox{\textwidth}{ \vspace*{3cm} }}</tex>

This will crate a box with 2 lines around it the width of a column of
the sheet, ad 3cm tall:

  <tex>\fbox{\framebox[\textwidth]{\parbox{\textwidth}{ \vspace*{3cm}}}}</tex>

Hopefully this will work better for you?

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