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How about a new feature..... (check boxes on discussion posts and a mailto
all checked button)?

On Thu, 21 Sep 2006 10:24:14 -0400 lon-capa-users@mail.lon-capa.org wrote:
> The discussion board is a great tool to monitor and respond to student
> problems, and to let students respond to each other.	It is one of the
> strong features of LON-CAPA.
> I find a slight annoyance with it, however, and wonder if others feel the
> same way.  If so, is there sufficient interest to suggest a feature
> (Or maybe there has already been such a request).
> Following is the scenario:
> I look at a problem and there might be half a dozen or more questions,
> and I'd like to respond to each person, by name if possible, but do it
> efficiently in only one post.  So I click on the submission button for 
> each
> student to find out what their problems are.	However, when I open the
> discussion page, it covers up the questions and if I've forgotten a name
> an point to make, I can't complete it in that post.
> I've taken to opening a text editor, putting my comments in the text
> as I browse the student submissions, then when through opening the post
> discussion window and copying from the text editor into that window.
> Would it be difficult to have the post discussion open in a second window,
> so you could leave it open as you  browse back and forth among the
> questions, while adding comments about each question, then submit?  That
> would save that extra step of using a separate text editor.
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