[LON-CAPA-users] Meta data in the source code?

Stefan Bisitz lon-capa-users@mail.lon-capa.org
Fri, 10 Nov 2006 09:50:36 +0100

James Sullivan <jmsullivan@vcu.edu> wrote:
> Is there some way to build meta data into the source file for 
> problems?
> I have 700+ problems I would like to upload and if I could build the
> metadata into the file that would make the repository more easily
> searchable.
> Thanks,
> Jay


Do you want to search in the meta data of the resources
a) in the CONSTRUCTION space
b)after publishing them, in the RESOURCE space?

For the first one (search in construction space) I think that there is
no way, is it?

If you prefer the second one (search in resource space), I suggest to
follow these steps:

- Create the problem files, e.g. "mytask.problem" (what you have already
- Create corresponding meta data files, e.g. "mytask.problem.meta" (*1)
- Upload both, problem file and meta data file into construction space (*2)
- Publish all the resources: -> the meta data will automatically taken
from the meta data files. (*3)

(*1): You have to enter the meta data anyway. Best place is in the meta
data file, not in the problem file.

(*2): At our University of Applied Sciences Braunschweig/Wolfenbuettel
(Germany) we have already done this by copying both types of files
directly into the server file system. I know that this is not
recommended but at that time we saw no other possibility and anyway, it
worked fine. However, I cannot say, if the file upload procedures in
LON-CAPA support the meta data files.

(*3): Publishing a whole directory with your problems will publish the
meta data, too. Doing this, no additional steps are neccessary to find
the meta data in the resource space which allows to search lateron.

Does this help?

Stefan Bisitz