[LON-CAPA-users] 2006 LON-CAPA Conference and Workshop

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Hi, Gerd,

I'm at home resting from a medical procedure and just turned on the
computer.  I may not have made the five minutes, but I'm close! :-)

I checked to get try the dorm.  Do the doors lock?  Will there be a safe
place to store a laptop when I'm not using it?

I haven't yet secured funding for the trip but will be working on it.  I do
want to come and was waiting to be certain of travel funding from here, but
it sounds like you are interested in intentions sooner. If funding falls
through, or I get an intestinal bug like I had a week ago, I presume
cancellation is not a problem?

By the way, I'm still talking to various university deans and officials
about the consortium arrangement. We have a strategy to approach the provost
who probably would be the one to sign off here. It might help is you would
give me the contact at Illinois so I could ask for a copy of the document
they signed, how they plan to document their input, and any other
suggestions they might make.

Also I believe I heard from Hon Kie and you as well that they are
particularly interested in improving the user interface appearance.  Is that

We are going to be working on improving the interface with Blackboard
(single log-in for both, automated transfer of grades from LC to Blacboard,
automated course creation by user web request).  I presume once these things
are working they could be considered as part of our "contribution"?  I have
provided Stuart with an instructor account on one of my Blacboard
demonstration courses so he could work on the question conversion.  Since he
did that a few months ago with Blackboard 6 they have instituted half a
dozen new question types, including some algorithmic ones.


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> Hi,
> Today in the mail I received the contract for the conference facility
> - this is getting serious, and I need an approximate final 
> participant count asap. Even if you are working at MSU, we 
> need the registration for the meal counts.
> I just know that ALL of you really really want to come, but 
> just did not yet get around to registering. No problem, you 
> can do so right now at our convenient one-stop web-site,
> http://loncapa.msu.edu/events/conf2006/
> in almost no time at all. If you register within the next 
> five minutes, you receive a free - we repeat, FREE - registration!
> Make sure to make (or check up on) your accommodation choice. 
> You can either
> * relive your college experience at our expense in our 
> world-class student dorm (check "will arrange my own 
> accommodation:  No") - a recent visitor from Illinois assured 
> me that their dorms smell just like ours, so you will feel 
> right at home again (but you will have your room to yourself)
> or
> * you can live in decadent luxury in the Residence Inn across 
> the street at your own expense (check "will arrange my own 
> accommodation:  
> Yes")
> or
> * if you can stay in the comfort of your own home or with 
> friends, you still need to check "will arrange my own 
> accommodation: Yes".
> If you will arrange your own accommodation, you will indeed 
> need to arrange it yourself. You can find hotel phone numbers 
> at http:// loncapa.msu.edu/events/conf2006/accommodation.html 
> - make sure to identify yourself as participant in the 
> "LON-CAPA Conference" to take advantage of the number of 
> rooms we blocked and of our *very* special pricing.
> Finally, note that the "Cancel" button on top of the 
> Registration Page actually cancels your registration, rather 
> than undoes whatever changes you made to the form - I just 
> unregistered myself a minute ago. You can re-activate your 
> registration with just a second mouse click, though.
> See you ALL in East Lansing, May 19th - 20th, 2006,
> - Gerd.
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