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They all show theta.

The info is:


The little jsMath box does show up in the lower right corner.

I had tried a response from Lars Jensen to use
     <m display="jsmath">$\theta$</m>
and that seemed to work.

I have coded &theta everywhere (along with various other symbols). Now I am
trying to figure out how to find the problems needing to be changed to
Lars' notation. Need a grep of some kind...  I'm printing the problems out
kind of manually; I can't do a sequence and print all problems in a
directory, because mine are all libraries and libraries apparently don't
print. So, I am manually creating problems which import 50 libraries.
Sometimes these print.

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Hi Robert,

Something is up with your IE 6.0 and I'm not sure what yet.

Could you view this resource


inside your school's IE 6.0 and let me
know which theta's are theta's and which aren't?
And also include the 'Info' that gets printed out?

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