[LON-CAPA-users] Retreiving Name of Course Document in a problem

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Mon, 10 Jul 2006 11:52:41 -0400

Hmmm, I tried this. A couple of oddities.

1) It does not give me the name of the Course Document resource, "Sheet 1"
in this case. It gives me the title of the first problem on the page. This
seems to be the same as displaytitle, used in a style sheet.

To review:my structure looks like
     Course Document:  Sheet 1  is an import of a page FinalPage.page
     FinalPage.page includes 2 problems,
              Master.problem      (resource.title returns this title)

I am looking to get "Sheet 1".

2) When in author mode, if I view master.problem, resource.title is empty.
I spent a couple of hours trying different possible labels with no results;
now I see I have to publish every possibility and switch to Course
administrator (or a student) to check that possibility. Why don't I see
something as Author?

3) Which reminds me, is there some way to have two windows open, one as
Author and one as Course administrator (or a student)? It is a pain to
constantly switch back and forth. I run under Firefox, typically with 4 or
5 tabs to various resources. When one tab changes to Administrator, it
seems to change them all.

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Hi Brew,

> Using &EXT("request.filename") gives me "lotsofdirectories/MyPage.page",
> not the "Sheet 1" I am looking for.


should do what you want.

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