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HI James,

I know you'll want to create a .sequence that uses conditionals. As an 
author, browse to: 
and copy the resource to construction space. You can copy it to your 
space by checking the "source available" check box and then click the 
Yes link next to the resource.

In authoring, you can create a .sequence and choose the advanced editor. 
I suggest checking out the author manual first and reading the info 
about the advanced editor before beginning. It may be easier to 
hand-code the XML code... I find the advanced editor to be rather 

Sorry I can't be more help much more than this but at least I can get 
the ball going and you know what to ask for (sequences with conditionals).


James Sullivan wrote:

> Iím reposting this. I posted right before holiday break and got no 
> responses. I guess in the holiday fray it got missedÖ..
> I have a sequence of problems that I would like students to complete 
> in the order they are presented. I assume that I need to somehow use a 
> block function but I admit to ignorance of such things.
> Can someone provide some guidance? I have checked the FAQ and search 
> the mail archives, but I donít see this referred to anywhere. Thanks.
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