[LON-CAPA-users] self-replicating simple page?

James Sullivan lon-capa-users@mail.lon-capa.org
Thu, 27 Oct 2005 17:11:15 -0400

Okay, thanks so much for the clarification. I hadn't fully appreciated that
the copy and paste was pasting a link, rather than creating a new document.


> Hi James,
> > Are simple pages meant to propagate across assignments? What I mean is
> that
> > if I have a "simple page" (special documents) named "Introduction" in
> one of
> > my loncapa folders and a similarly named document in a separate folder,
> are
> > they supposed to synchronize?
> Possibly, depends on your viewpoint?
> The copy and paste mechanism is a copy the url and paste the url
> mechanism.
> Not a copy the contents of that file and create a new file with a
> different name and the same contents to start with.
> (For example if you did copy and paste on a HW problem, you'd expect
> that if you changed the contents of the HW problem and republished
> it both instances in the course would change.)
> Well the same happens here with simple pages.
> Granted it would be nice to "clone" (for lack of a better term) one
> simple page (or bulletin board).
> And now for some technical info:
> A simple page url looks like:
> http://laptop.albertelli.com/adm/annarbor/albertel/1130442454/smppg
> that number '1130442454' is what we use to internally refer to the
> collection of data that is that simple page's info.
> So anytime you add the same link in it will be exactly the same simple
> page and anytime you change parts of one instance you change them all.
> This is also true of bulletin boards
> http://laptop.albertelli.com/adm/annarbor/albertel/1130442479/bulletinboar
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