RES: [LON-CAPA-users] Lon-capa in Linux Core 4

Rodrigo Santana
Fri, 21 Oct 2005 09:57:18 -0300

Excuse me, do I think it lacked information in this email is not?  
I followed step the step how to install  Lon-Capa, in Fedora 4 but when it
arrived in this part the  
the following information arrived...
Configuring LON-CAPA
To configure and install LON-CAPA, execute the following commands: 
cd /root/loncapa-N.N     (N.N should correspond to a version number like
You will need to enter the LON-CAPA configuration information you determined
in the previous section. 
When I arrive in the part of the installation where speaks:  
He informs that the File or Directory was not found  

What should make for that to solve?  
Thankful for the attention,

Rodrigo L. Santana  
Campinas - Brasil

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Hi Roderigo,

I have recently upgraded my server OS to FC4.

Gerd Kortemeyer wrote:

> On Oct 19, 2005, at 11:58 AM, Rodrigo Santana wrote:
>> Please, I would like to know somebody tested him/it Lon-Capa in  
>> Fedora Core 4.
>> If it is possible the use of the Lon-Capa in ambient Fedora Core 4
> Yes, see

My experience is that the "Partitioning your Drive" section on this Web 
page you have been referred to is outdated, specifically:

    "You may want to use the automatic partitioning feature of the
    installer, however you should review the results and be prepared to
    modify them. LON-CAPA resource files are stored in the /home
    directory, so the majority of the disk space should be allocated
    here. If you have 20 GB of space for FC4, /home should receive at
    least 10 to 12 gigs. Since MySQL uses the /var filesystem to store
    its databases you should have at least 4 gigs of space available on
    /var. Be sure to include adequate swap space. A minimum is 512 Megs,
    but you should typically have 1 or 2x as much swap space as you do
    physical RAM."

My understanding is that /var is not used.  Typically, lon-capa is 
divided into the following directories:


How much memory is allocated to each of these directories depends, of
course, on your particular machine parameters, which ideally are determined
from the number of users you intend to serve.  (Although, cost or
availability are generally the driving factors.)

Feel free to contact me off-list:

Diana Szczesuil - UC Santa Cruz
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