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Mon, 23 May 2005 20:23:23 -0700

Hi Mark --
Some of these tools are more developed than others.  Robley's post is 
pretty informative.
Well developed tools by Guy Askenazi.
<chemparse> -- now &chemparse.
Type in any chemical formula C4H8 and comes out formatted correctly.
<chemresponse> lets students type in equations -- very nice.  Might take 
some tutorials.
<organicstructure> draw a chemical structure as a gif/eps on the fly 
from a string -- generated by the java editor..  Amazing!!!!
<organicresponse> is pretty good--not finished yet.  Use a java editor 
to draw chemical structures and then check them.

Jmol is a java applet that displays chem structures.  We've implemented 
this on our own right now.  It works good except that it doesn't print 
directly right now.  This would be no problem for you to include on your 

We also have lab tools.  We have burets and graduated cylinders that 
have randomly generated menisci (meniscuses).  I have a balance for 
weighing by difference.  This summer I hope to have an operating spec 20.

Do you want a seat in a course?

lucasm@ohiou.edu wrote:

>Hey you chemists out there (Ray, Jim, Guy, Robley?) -
>I'm looking for one or two sentence descriptions of the chemistry high 
>points of LON-CAPA. Can anybody fill in some of the blanks?
><chemresponse> - allows input and interpretation of chemical 
><organicresponse> - allows graphical creation of organicmolecules which 
>then get entered into the answer box?
>Any other special chem tags?
>JME can be integrated into problems - on any server?
>Any other things you'd mention?
>I know that there are the standard pockets of chem problems - Jim's, 
>Ray's, MSUchem, Guy's?  Are there any particularly good areas to look for 
>300-level organic chemistry problems? Any textbook libraries online?
>Thanks! (as you can tell, we're nearing a sales pitch to try and get our 
>chemist's to move from CAPA to LON-CAPA).
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