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Thu, 07 Jul 2005 10:24:12 -0400

Hi Guy,

I suggest using the math review folders inside of the 
/msu/physicslib/msuphysicslib for trig.  There is also material under 
msu/apcalc, msu/lbsmath, msu/winter, and msu/hamlinmi/mth106hw (winter 
and hamlinmi taught statistics for non-science majors).  We are working 
with HS math teachers to develop HS level Algerbra I and II - it's 
pretty basic stuff though.  The teachers working on that are 
rhs/callender and webbervilleschools/gmellville.  Both of these teachers 
just started development so there might not be much there.  Plus, both 
teachers plan on using the same problems multiple times in their homework.

LON-CAPA has not caught on very much with the math dept here.  However, 
it is used in many statistics courses.  You can find this material in 
msu/statlib, msu/ramamoor, and msu/ericks13.


Guy Ashkenazi wrote:

> Does anyone have a good library of freshman math problems (calculus, 
> trig, linear algebra, etc.)?
>    Guy.
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