[LON-CAPA-users] formatting hardcopy of Homework sets

Steven Pollock lon-capa-users@mail.lon-capa.org
Fri, 10 Sep 2004 11:42:00 -0600

Hi Guy (or anyone else!)

Thanks for the reply below to Mike, I too am am interested in this.

Your solution changes the behaviour of the tag "textline", but now I'm 
wondering how I would have known that "textline" was involved in the 
first place? I.e, how do I get to look at the tex code that is being 
produced for printing a problem?

I ask because, although your fix did get rid of the box, there are 
OTHER things we'd like to get rid of in the printout (e.g., the "Tries 
0/6" line, and for that matter the excessive blank space between 
problems) We do have this printout issue that we *can't* let a set ever 
go over 2 pages (i.e. double sided), so we'd like to "trim up" the tex 
printouts as much as reasonable.

Alternatively - has anyone out there dealt with this problem and 
produced a .sty file you could post here?
(I'm not a tex whiz, so that'd be a far better solution, really!)

Lastly, (probably related): is there a way to FORCE a page break after 
a problem on the written printout? It happens sometimes that the title 
of a problem appears at the bottom of a column, and then the rest of 
the problem continues in the next column. It'd be very cool if we could 
force the break so the title stayed with the problem.

Thanks much, in advance!

> Hi Mike,
>> We print out hardcopy of the homework sets and distribute them to the
>> students.  Below each problem in the hardcopy is a blank rectangle,
>> representing the answer box.  Is there anyway to get a printout that 
>> does
>> not have the answer box shown?
> Yep, create a .sty file with this in it:
> <definetag name="textline">
>     <render>
>        <tex> \strut </tex>
>     </render>
> </definetag>
> <definetag name="/textline">
>     <render>
>        <tex> \strut </tex>
>     </render>
> </definetag>

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